Name of colors

Color color color...There are thousand shade and hue of colors. If I told you that my favorite color is blue. Your blue may not like mine..How about "my favorite is light blue as light sky with some clouds". That would be closer. So when I saw beautiful blue sky, I always point out and say "That is exactly my blue!"

I'm about to share the name of colors list which help me a lot in work and communicate. Just wander around the list of colors(link here) and you will find so many beautiful color's name like Deep champagne, Misty rose, Twilight lavender.Some are funny and I have no idea what color they are so let guess..Jazzbery jam?Fuzzy wuzzy?

Have fun :)


R.I.P. my Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
The speech you gave at Stanford is the best. You were the inspiration to many people including me.
you will always be with us...always

Stay hungry.Stay foolish.


Headband addicted

Last month, one of my friends told me that headband is becoming my symbol. Like any addictor, I just knew that I'm a HEADBAND Adicted! I don't care much what I dressed as long as I have something on my head. It make me feel safe and complete my look! Don't you agree?

These pictures came from my FB ;)


DIY Bird Mobile Pattern

I found this bird moblile pattern from DIY Say Hi. It's very easy and fun. I used 2 pieces of left over fabric, match them and cut follow the pattern. Then sew it and stuff! You will finished within an hour. The bird pattern have a very clear description so I'm sure that every one can do it.
My little too fat bird.

Have fun


My Birthday wish in light blue

I made this blue wish list treasury last night and it appeared on Etsy's Front page! Over thousand people saw and love them...It's a wonderful birthday gift for me...

Just want to share my happiness with you :D